SESAME FLAVOUR (12 Bags / 48 Packs)

An exceptional sesame sauce

Natural sun-dried noodles & free from artificial preservatives. By using the hulled sesame with the special grinding technique endows the sesame sauce with a delicate texture and rich aromaplements the naturally fermented soy sauce flawlessly to accentuate the ideal flavours.

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※Net weight: 127g X 4PCS 《Each Bag》
※Content: 508g (Dried noodle 90g x 4 PCS、Soy sauce packet 17g x 4 PCS、Sesame packet 20g x 4 PCS) 《Each Bag》
※Ingredients of the dried noodles: Wheat flour, Water, and Salt
※Flours used in thin noodles contains more than 14% protein.
※Easy to cook and ready to eat in 5 min.
※Suitable for vegetarian.
※1 cartoon box contains 12 bags / 48 packs.